New to Harrison's Bird Food?

To select the right Harrison’s formula for your bird please refer to the chart below.
Most small birds (budgies/canaries etc.) should start out on HIGH POTENCY SUPER FINE
Most small to medium species (cockatiel/dove etc.) should start out on HIGH POTENCY FINE
Most med/large species (African Greys/Amazons etc.) should start out on HIGH POTENCY COARSE

All birds switching to Harrison’s should start out and remain on High Potency for a period of at least 8 months. After 8 months some birds may then switch to Adult Lifetime.

Certain species (African Grey and larger Macaw for example) should remain on High Potency. Most birds can remain on High Potency indefinitely.

Feeding Harrison’s for the first time:
Many birds will eat a new food without hesitation. Some birds require some assistance (diet conversion). If a bird does not immediately eat Harrison’s please see the following diet conversion methods.
Diet Conversion: Small Bird
Diet Conversion: Large Bird
Diet Conversion: Tips and Tricks

General feeding directions:

  • to help reduce waste, feed as distinct meals.
  • birds may eat all they want, but use the table below as a guideline.
  • feed fresh food daily (discard uneaten food), do not “top off”.

How to store Harrison’s Bird Foods:
A complete list of properly Storing Harrison’s Bird Foods

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